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May 23rd, 24th, 25th & 26th 2014

Memorial Day Muddin’!

REGULAR PRICING (Driver or Spectator)
$30 Friday – good through Sunday
$20 Saturday – good through Sunday
$10 Sunday

Kids 10 & under FREE!
Early-birds before Friday are an additional $10 per day

(i.e. Thursday = $40, Wednesday = $50, Tuesday $60)

*Minor Waiver Form | *Adult Waiver Form

     *Print and complete waivers prior to arrival.

Open Weekend-No Events Scheduled

  • This is your time to get away with friends or family and just enjoy the over 400 acres of beautiful Southeast Missouri off-road heaven. We purposely designed this weekend for you to do your own thing. ATV through our miles of trails over a diverse terrain, dive into one of our monster truck mud holes or just set up a tent and enjoy camping on one of our several campgrounds. Chillax and do your thing. Enjoy the weekend! We have some big events right around the corner!

Recent News

Brick’s to host the Jet Sprint World Series Aug 15-17!

Brick’s is expanding it’s reach to the motor sports community with it’s most recent project, the construction of the largest Sprint Boat Track in the world. The international Sprint Boat Racing community is turning it’s attention towards Missouri as Brick’s prepares to host the USSBA Jet Sprint World Series August 15-17, 2014. Over 30 Sprint Boat teams from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the US will be competing in one of the most captivating sports in the world. Sprint Boat Racing is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing motor sports in the country and is capturing the attention of racing enthusiast all over the world.

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a 15′, 1200hp boat accelerate from 0-100mph in only 3 seconds, then take a break neck 180 degree turn at full throttle. Don’t miss this. Yeah, they crash a lot and okay, we’ll admit that’s pretty fun to watch, too.

Brick’s is home to one of the finest off road parks in the country and is excited to welcome the international Sprint Boat Racing community this summer. Save the date August 15-17th. Details to come.

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$7000 Mud Truck Winner

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Freddy Manees and his truck CODE RED for finally being the one that conquered The Slough. Freddy barely qualified for the Dirty Dozen coming in #12 and showed up this past weekend and walked away with a $7000 check, a massive Slough King trophy and the title of the first and only man to ever conquer The Slough.

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The Dirty Dozen

These 12 trucks have qualified to run for $7000 on Sept 1st! Congrats to the “Dirty Dozen” on a job well done! Now it’s time to see which one of you can become Slough King!

1: Roy Piatt – BIG ASS 10 – 300 Feet in The Slough – Time 11:15

2: Michael Ballew – GREEN BLAZER – 300 Feet in The Slough – Time 11:59

3: Ray Hovis – THE CURE – 288 Feet in The Slough

4: Ron Hoppe – MUDZILLA – 267.8 Feet in The Slough

5: Cody Swain – BIG NASTY – 229 Feet in The Slough

6: Darrell Bennett – GREEN BUGGY – 213.1 Feet in The Slough

7: Mike Burns – MUD DIGGER – 207.1 Feet in The Slough

8: Greg Taylor – BLUE S-10 – 189.7 Feet in The Slough

9: Luther Crane – THE LIZZY BETH – 156.1 Feet in The Slough

10: Mark Andrews – SHOW-N-EM – 153 Feet in The Slough

11: Shawn Lancey – THE BUG – 150 Feet in The Slough

12: Freddy Manees – CODE RED – 141 Feet in The Slough


These are the trucks that also ran. If one or more of the “Dirty Dozen” above are unable to run for some reason they will bumped up into the “Dirty Dozen” to run for the $7000.

Jim Roberts – TITTY PATROL – 139.3 Feet in The Slough

Dustin Crane – RAIL BUGGY – 136.2 Feet in The Slough

Johnny Manees – SPUD – 124.2 Feet in The Slough

William McCormick – WHITE TRASH – 118.9 Feet in The Slough

Jeremy Taylor – LITTLEFOOT – 106.4 Feet in The Slough

Shawn Green – DIRTY MONEY – 103 Feet in The Slough

Daniel Vandeven – 5TON TURD – 102.2 Feet in The Slough

Jeff Miller – TRUCKTOR – 93.1 Feet in The Slough

Greg Tighe – GREEN SCREEMER – 81 Feet in The Slough

Chris Breyfogle – BLACK TRUCK – 73 Feet in The Slough

Dakota Smith – MR. PRIME TIME – 38.8 Feet in The Slough

Allen Tyler – GREEN TRUCK – 19 Feet in The Slough

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